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Minas Tapudim-Bezalim (Minas of Potatoes and Onions)

Minas Tapudim-Bezalim (Minas of Potatoes and Onions)

Shared by: Nancy Bennett

A favourite Turkish dish which is very savoury and hearty, adapted from Jewish cooking for pleasure by
Molly Lyons Bar-David.

Cooking time 40 minutes
To serve  6

Preheat oven to 400˚

1 ½ cups hot oil
6 matzos
2 lb. onion or leeks, cut up and steamed with a little water
1 lb. potatoes, mashed
6 oz. grated Katzkaval or other yellow cheese
6 eggs, beaten
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix the leeks and onions with the mashed potatoes, salt, pepper and 2 oz. of the grated cheese. Dip the
matzos in water slightly, to soften them. Put half of the hot oil into a casserole and then line the bottom
and sides with half the matzos. Spread the mashed potato mixture evenly over the matzos. Sprinkle
2 oz. of the cheese on this filling. Cover with remaining softened matzos and then pour on remaining
hot oil. Bake for about 20 minutes, then pour on the beaten eggs. Bake 10 minutes more, then sprinkle
with remaining 2 oz. cheese. Bake again for 10 minutes more. Pour the oil off immediately after the
pan is taken out of the oven. It is best served hot but can also be served cold.

Variation: Instead of the potatoes and leeks or onions, you can use 2 lb. cooked spinach mixed with 8
oz. cottage cheese. The amount of yellow cheese can then be reduced by half.

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