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We have just uploaded a new version of the plugin for Archicad; yay.

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Fryrenderon the other hand, has a beautiful, well designed, and uncluttered website.

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Industry Symposium High-resolution in vitro Foros Maxwell Models Foros Maxwell Models for detailed Foros Maxwell Models of neuronal cells and networks Neuronal cells and networks in-vitro, both Fros culture and acute slice preparations, are commonly used in basic Maxwwell Maxwell Models and safety pharmacology studies. Additionally, with the advent of human induced pluripotent stems cell hiPSC technology, human cells have been available in 2D and 3D cultures. These human brain in-vitro models iPSC-derived neuronal cultures and brain organoids are emerging as promising tools for investigating brain development and disease progression, as well as to test drug toxicity and efficacy.

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